Peers second release: 0.2

A new release has been created for peers: 0.2.

This new release contains new features and many bug fixes. All bugs have not been reported on the tracker page because they are generally remarked during development phase.

The goal of this release was to add provional responses management for peers (101-199 response range). In this release the only provional response implemented is 180 Ringing. But this provisional response is the main provisional response and the first one to implement in new stacks… Thus, when an INVITE is received on peers, peers automatically generate a 180 response and send it to the remote User-Agent. This also means that a popup window is now displayed to the user to alert him of a new call. The user can now accept or reject the call. If the call is rejected a 486 Busy response is sent.

On the other hand, when a remote User-Agent-Server rejects a call initiated by peers, peers cleanly closes the frame corresponding to the call.

Also, those provisional responses previously mentioned requires that CANCEL method be implemented, because if a User-Agent-Server sends a provisional response (with a To-tag), it must be able to handle a CANCEL for call termination. That is why CANCEL management has been implemented in peers, both at client and server side.

This version has still been tested on windows and linux, and against X-Lite 3, a popular SIP User-Agent.

An XML configuration file enables simple SIP stack parameters management. A grammar has been defined for this configuration file.

As usual, the download page will provide source and binary package zip files.

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