Peers 0.3, still growing!

I’m very glad to announce that a new Peers release is now available, as usual you can download it here.

This release includes REGISTER management, as well as challenges and Digest, as specified in RFC2617 and MD5 hash algorithm. Thus a user can now register on a sip network.

This release has been tested against: x-lite, openwengo, linphone and ekiga for user-agents and against openser with db and auth modules for registration authentication. For registration, initial register has been implemented, register refreshes have been implemented and unregister has been implemented. Thus, when the user close the main window, a register message is sent to the registrar configured in peers.xml. For the moment, the password is stored as clear text in configuration file.

Another good news: a new test framework has been used on this release: testng. This powerful framework now replaces junit in peers. It enables unit testing, thread testing, group testing… it generates html result files and has also many very useful features. Media has been slightly improved in this release as audio capture, data compression and rtp packetization are now implemented in different threads.

For an exhaustive release note, please read README.txt in peers archive file.

Thanks for using and reading. Peers is still growing and many exciting features are coming. Stay tuned…

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