Peers resurrection!

Peers is back, with improved media, compatibility with asterisk and many other cool features. Here is the changelog:

New features:

  • Running:
    • peers.home system property to run peers in several environments
  • Configuration:
    • an outbound proxy can now be configured in configuration file
    • media can now be activated or deactivated in configuration file
  • SIP:
    • support “sent-by” and “received” Via parameters
    • support 407 Proxy-Authenticate on REGISTER
    • support 401 and 407 on INVITE
    • support re-INVITEs (refresh target)
    • manage challenges on INVITEs
  • RTP:
    • support remote party update (ip address and port)

Improved features:

  • transport log file now contains real remote ip address and port
  • fixed media sending issue (replaced encoder with mobicents media server g711 encoder)

Peers configuration is still done using a simple xml file. This provides a good flexibility for peers, regarding other softphones. For more information, please read README.txt in peers archive. Acts are better than words, download latest Peers resurrection release now!

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