Android compatibility

Peers is not android-compatible for the moment. A few steps would be necessary to make peers android-compatible. Actually, here are the packages not provided by android (or imcomplete) and necessary for peers:

  • java.awt
  • javax.swing
  • javax.sound

Thus, GUI should be ported to android using Activity or something similar, and sound management should also be ported using MediaRecorder and MediaPlayer.

Configuration should also probably be updated to use XMLReader and drop dom4j dependency.

It seems that jrtp is directly compatible with android APIs except package gov.nist.jrtp.test.send_recv, but this package is not necessary. Thus, using jrtp and peers, you have the following stacks ready for android:

  • SIP
  • SDP
  • RTP

But no native API is available for GUI and sound management.

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