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Hello geeks,

From time to time I receive emails asking whether peers is still maintained or not since the latest release is from 2011. I don’t work often on peers, free time lacks, but I moved peers to maven on subversion repository. I started a command line java api demo and its “api usage” documentation, but it’s not yet complete.

Nevertheless, I also recently improved peers javascript interface so that anyone can register on its sip account, place and receive calls on the internet even without installing peers. A demo is available here. This demo comes in addition to the previous java web start demo. For the moment, this demo is not signed by an oracle-compatible certificate. Thus you’ll have to accept security warnings. I can send the certificate if you want to install it locally to avoid those warnings.

You may have the following error if your pc firewall is blocking outgoing packets: Invalid argument: Datagram send failed

Thus, you have to configure your firewall appropriately so that udp packets can be sent over the network. As this version is using random client port numbers, you won’t be able to grant outgoing udp packets based on their source port number. You could use destination ip+port for sip, but for rtp, it may be unknown. I suggest you temporarily enable outgoing udp packets for java process.

Just a reminder: all those features are available on sourceforge subversion repository only. If you find bugs in peers, please always send peers.log and transport.log or their counterpart in javascript demo.


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